KoMo FlicFloc Oat Flaker

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Commercial oat flakes are steam cooked and heat dried to preserve them. When you press your own oat flakes, you're getting fresh, raw oats with all the delicate essential oils and life energy of the seed. You'll be amazed at the superior flavour and texture, and your body will appreciate the raw, whole food nutrition. Use them for porridge, cookies, crisps, etc. We love our fresh oat flakes raw with yogurt and fruit for a super-healthful and filling snack. Rather than using traditional cylindrical rollers, the FlicFloc's tapered rollers rotate on ball bearings in a case of laminated beechwood. Beautifully made of steel and beech, it clamps to the countertop and makes a lovely addition to any whole foods kitchen.

beechwood and steel construction; output at 80 rpm: 110g/min; 7.25 in tall; weight: 1.5kg; made in Germany; 3 year warranty.

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