Craving Sweets?

Kill the craving by giving in (a little) and making sure your body gets what it really wants.

It’s 3:30 p.m. and you’re trying to work, but all you can think about is diving into that pile of cookies some well-intentioned jerk left on the counter. Sure, you’ve got carrot sticks in the fridge. But today that’s just not going to cut it.

We’ve all had this experience. Late in the day our bodies often want a little energy boost. That’s the biochemistry of food-as-fuel: the body (or brain) runs down and sends our appetite towards the fast energy of sugars and starches. But wait, there’s sugars and starches in carrots. So what else is going on here?

Let’s be honest, it’s not just about fueling up. There is a complicated blend of nutritional, psychological and emotional factors that drive us to crave certain foods. And whatever you’re seeking—be it comfort, rebellion, or reward—a carrot is not a cookie, and it never will be. And denying ourselves those other satisfactions can keep the cravings alive and sabotage our snacking. So guess what?

Have a cookie.

The trick is, make sure you have a good cookie. That is, a cookie (or even two) that satisfies both your emotional and nutritional needs. That’s where our All Oatmeal Cookie Base comes in. They won a Clean Choice Award from Clean Eating Magazine. And those folks are hard core. So how does a cookie count as clean eating?

First of all, it is important to avoid the lie of the “diet” cookie. No fat? No sugar? No carbs? Than what is it? Your cookie needs to be more than just entertainment for your mouth. It can and should be nutrient dense. Rather than trying to trick your tongue with synthetic stand-ins, have a cookie that’s nourishing, real food.

Have a cookie that is also real food

Our All Oatmeal Cookie Mix is designed to be exactly that. Whole organic oats, freshly ground, are absolutely delicious; and deliciously rich in nutrients, fiber and good carbs, with a blend of soluble and insoluble fiber that help even out digestion and sugar uptake. (Our cookie mixes use about half the sugar of typical home recipes, but still taste plenty sweet.)

Real eggs and natural fats like olive or coconut oil and butter provide natural good fats and more protein that your body is also craving—so you won’t be so inclined to scarf down the whole plate. And don’t be afraid to add other favorite nutrient dense foods like seeds, nuts, and dried fruit. You could even shred that carrot in there (with some ginger and cinnamon please!)

So, what do we have? Natural earthy cane sugars to kill the craving and a ton of slow-burning good carbs and healthy fats to keep those cravings from coming back. And what could be more cozy in the late afternoon than a hot cup of tea and a rich, satisfying oatmeal cookie?

Craving crushed.

Whether you use our heritage mixes, or source your own fresh organic oats and mill your own, our base recipe is a great foundation. Oh, and don’t forget to make two batches. One for you, and one to leave on the counter at work!