Bake fresh from the farm

Your great, great, great grandma would be proud.

Way back before industrial white flour, baked goods were different—honest real food, not sticky sweet junk. Rich rustic textures, delicious earthy flavours, and just modestly sweet. Satisfying real food that nourishes the body and comforts the soul.

This is heritage baking

Bake like it’s 1869

Heritage Baking Recipes

For GRAINSTORM mixes and home millers baking with fresh stone-ground flours.


Seriously the BEST muffins I have ever had!


Grainstorm has amazing products that are healthy and kids and family love them.


I usually bake with spelt flour but after using your mixes the difference in quality is extremely clear.


Very easy to prepare, the results are delicious...and I don’t feel guilty eating them.


I can't keep enough of this pancake mix in the house to satisfy my family. It is fantastic!