About us

GRAINSTORM mixes are lovingly hand-made in our small dedicated workshop in Toronto’s east end. We start with old-fashioned organic Ontario and prairie grains, and we mill them the old-fashioned way: slow and cool, coarse and whole, between two slabs of Carolina granite. Then we mix, fill and vacuum seal in a high-tech custom 4-layer pouch, so the extraordinary fresh-milled quality is preserved for when you’re ready to bake.

Our story

Our family started milling our own flour over 10 years ago. From the very first batch, we were AMAZED by the sublime tastes and textures. And equally amazed by how we FELT after—satisfied and energized rather than tired, sluggish and bloated. It felt like a healthy baking miracle, yet it’s simple back-to-basics common sense. We created GRAINSTORM to help other families make the same great discovery: flour as fresh, whole food, the way it used to be.