Authentic heritage baking. In a mix.

Bake with the amazing tastes and textures of organic heritage grains, freshly and simply stone-ground. No modern wheat or industrial processing, no weird ingredients and not too sweet. Use them straight up or as a versatile base for lots of great recipes. Either way, you get amazing heritage baking that’s nourishing real food.

Imagine beautiful rustic baked goods, fresh from the oven, warming hearts and nourishing bodies. Earthy, light, rich. Real. Brimming with delicious whole food flavours and textures. And all so quick and easy it feels like cheating. But far from it. Unless you mill your own flour, fresh for each batch, you can’t bake this quality any other way. Learn a little more.

Mix and match to fill a box of 6 or 12. $4 CA shipping. Get 20% OFF a 12-box with code STOCKUP. Know what you want? Quick Order Form.