Discover Heritage Baking

A delicious rustic food experience you and your family will love.

It’s simple logic. If you want your baked goods to be nourishing real food, your flour needs to be nourishing real food.

The over-processed industrial powder we know today bears almost no resemblance to the food all of humanity knew as grain. Throughout history, grain was stored in whole kernel form, and ground up as needed to release its powerful energy and nutrition into fresh food. That was the magic of grain.

For flour to actually be real food, it needs to be ground fresh and whole, the way it used to be. That’s the idea of heritage baking. Baking with flour as real food.

So you start with organic grains, simply stone milled into fresh flour. It’s a simple process. The whole kernel goes into the mill, and the whole kernel comes out. Then with this beautiful nourishing fresh flour as your base, you add other delicious, wholesome ingredients like eggs, butter, olive oil, yogurt; fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts.

You also need sugar. But not great heaps of it like most recipes call for. But the great thing about heritage baking is that it doesn’t need a ton of sugar; you don’t WANT it to be crazy sweet—just enough to balance so the flavours of the grains and other fresh foods shine through.

And what does it taste like? Delicate, rustic, grainy, sweet, fresh and very satisfying. Nourishing for body and soul. And shouldn’t that be the point of baking?